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Introducing TEST

Technology Evaluation, Support and Testing (TEST) Program  

About The TEST Program

Testing, pilots, and validation are all crucial to the success of a technology and connecting our companies that have prototypes to potential demonstration sites is a unique and innovative service that the WET Center can provide. 


TEST, will combine the advantages of our location and our connections to surrounding community colleges, providing educational opportunities for their students and demonstration locations for our start-ups. We currently have three confirmed sites and are looking to continue conversations with more community colleges, CSU’s, and UC’s for expansion of this program.

TEST's Vision

Our Ecosystem


Current Companies Part of the TEST Program:



Growth Biofertilizer


Regenerative Living



TIE & 

The TEST program will extend the current Technology Innovation Evaluation (TIE) program. Any company who would like to participate in the TEST program must first undergo a TIE Meeting to determine eligibility. Learn more about TIE here

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