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Valley Ventures has been an electrifying flagship program at the WET Center, and it's been nothing short of a thrilling journey through the seven cohorts. With each passing cohort, we've been on an exhilarating quest to uncover the true gems of this program – discovering what ignites the passion of our ventures and what truly sets their spirits on fire!

About Our 8th Cohort

As we embark on our 8th cohort, we are driven by a profound commitment to enhance and elevate our program. Our aim is to provide a more profound and insightful experience for our participants, emphasizing intensive sales training, compelling pilot demonstrations, and forging invaluable connections with investors and industry leaders.

In alignment with this, we have raised the bar by seeking companies in the more advanced stages of their startup journey, explicitly targeting those at TRL 6+ and beyond. This strategic shift ensures that our cohort is enriched with enterprises ready to dive deep into advanced subject matter, facilitating a truly transformative and insightful learning journey!


Dual-Track Structure

The Valley Ventures Accelerator Cohort will feature two distinct groups, each dedicated to different industry sectors. Group 1 will specialize in Agriculture Tech, while Group 2 will focus on Energy and Water.


Tailored Learning and Common Foundation

While there will be some shared content between the two groups, we will also offer separate industry events tailored to each track. Additionally, participants will be required to complete essential video modules covering grants, sales, and pilot demonstrations before the program begins, ensuring everyone starts with the same fundamental knowledge.


Ten Company Cohort

We will select five ventures for each track, resulting in a total cohort of ten companies. This balanced approach ensures a diverse pool of participants from both sectors.

So, you're interested...

Keep scrolling to see what your VV8 journey would be like, should you apply!

January: Application Opening

April: VV8 Kickoff 

The doors to VV8 open in January 2024 and remain open until the end of February, giving potential participants ample time to join.

March: Interview Extravaganza

March will be a month of anticipation as we conduct interviews of applicants, paving the way for an exciting mid-April start. 

Week 1: Virtual Sales Mastery with Industry Leader(s)

Summary: Week one kicks off virtually, with both groups diving headfirst into advanced sales training led by a renowned industry leader. Expect dynamic group sessions and personalized one-on-ones to supercharge your sales skills.

Week 2: Immersive Industry Exploration

Summary: Week two takes us in-person, with Group 1 (Ag) embarking on enlightening farm tours, while Group 2 (Energy/Water) explores key locations. It's the perfect opportunity to discuss pilot demonstrations and leverage your newfound sales prowess.

Week 3: Investor Insight and Mentorship

Summary: Week three goes virtual, focusing on invaluable investor relationships and personalized mentoring sessions. Our investors won't hold back, offering honest guidance. One industry leader mentors Group 1, while another guides Group 2.

Week 4: Industry Showcase/Pitch Contest

Summary: The grand finale! In the fourth and final week, each group hosts its own industry event. It's your chance to shine, putting into practice everything you've learned throughout the program.

Prepare for an immersive and revolutionary journey with VV8, where innovation ignites excitement, and the possibilities for success are limitless!

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