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The Valley Ventures accelerator is dedicated to the advancement of water, energy, and agricultural technology ventures seeking to commercialize technologies and to develop businesses in

California and beyond. 

Participating ventures receive access to opportunities for technology commercialization and grant funding opportunities at Fresno State, other California State Universities (CSUs)Universities of California test labs (UC's), and other universities. Additionally, ventures have opportunities to locate in part or in whole at Fresno State's WET Center and to receive further business support for efforts directed toward disadvantaged communities (DACs) in California.

Types of ventures that best fit the Valley Ventures accelerator:

  • A for-profit business model with the potential to scale in the water, energy, and/or agricultural technology sectors.

  • Has a minimum viable product (MVP) and can show customer validation, e.g., revenue, users, pilots, strategic partnerships, etc.

  • Market development plans include California.

Our program offers participating ventures:

The opportunity to engage with potential customers, stakeholders, and leading investors.

Six Ways Valley Ventures Can Help Your Business

  1. Participating companies will receive close engagement with entrepreneurs and industry leaders in the agriculture, water, and energy technology space through networking events and guest speakers.

  2. Workshop modules that will help ventures further develop their sales processes and their fundraising efforts.

  3. Exposure to key connections in the water, energy, agricultural space and investors during public events hosted by or connected to the WET Center.

  4. Full support from the staff of Valley Ventures and affiliates when possible: BlueTechValley, WET Center, Center for Irrigation Technology, Fresno State, etc.

  5. Opportunity for technical guidance from affiliate staff outside of workshops.

  6. Possibility to have technology set up and demonstrated on the Fresno State-University Farm Laboratory.

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