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Technology Innovation and Evaluation (TIE) Program

The Technology Innovation and Evaluation (TIE) program provides resources and guidance to help innovators develop their technologies and bring them to market. Our TIE committee includes professionals with technical and commercial expertise! Through this program, inventors and entrepreneurs gain access to technical and commercialization resources and funding to develop and commercialize water, energy and agriculture technologies. 

The TIE program is an invaluable resource for innovators in the water, energy and agriculture sectors, providing them with the necessary tools to move their technologies from concept to commercialization. The program helps develop the technologies and provides inventors and entrepreneurs with the resources to bring their products to market. The TIE program is the client onboarding process for the BlueTechValley Innovation Cluster funded by the

California Energy Commission (CEC).


The TIE process can be initiated by contacting Jose Cobos , whose email is below. 


We can't wait to connect with you! 

To apply for TIE, please email Grace Manly at 

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