BlueTechValley is Central California’s San Joaquin Valley.


Its water-scarce climate fuels the need for extreme water efficiency, making it the ideal place to test, develop, and commercialize new technology.


BlueTechValley Innovation Cluster

The BlueTechValley: Central Valley Regional Innovation Cluster represents an expansion and interconnection of multiple incubator and/or entrepreneurship programs with services located at each of seven designated BlueTechValley Cluster Hubs, collectively serving 39 counties covering two-thirds of California’s geographic area.


Funding for the new cluster is provided by a $5 million grant from the California Energy Commission.

The designated Hubs for the BlueTechValley Innovation Cluster are:

  • Fresno State,

  • CSU Bakersfield,

  • Chico State,

  • Cal Poly Humboldt,

  • CSU Monterey Bay, and

  • Sacramento State

About the BlueTechValley Initiative

BlueTechValley Initiative Commercial Featured on ABC30!
Water, Energy and Technology Center

BlueTechValley Initiative Commercial Featured on ABC30!