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Charles Hillyer 

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Director at Center for Irrigation Technology

Helle Petersen

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Assistant Director of WET Center

Kate Norum

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Assistant Director of Operations

Jeff Macon

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Venture Development Manager

Benjamin Francis

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Growth Operating Partner

Tim Jacobsen

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Field Research Manager

Grace Manly

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Pipeline and Membership Manager

Belinda Munoz

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Administrative Support Coordinator II

Sarge Green

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 Project Director for California Water Institute and

Center for Irrigation Technology. 

David Zoldoske

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Project Specialist

Alexis Ford

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Public Relations and Communications Assistant

Jorge Moreno Ramirez

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Research Technician 

Kaomine Vang

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Assistant Director of Testing and Laboratory Services


Juliann Angel

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Jase Trovao

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Maxwell Nakashian

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Andre Aguilar

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Phone: 559-278-4540

The Center for Irrigation Technology and the Water, Energy and Technology Center are working to bring the world the most innovative products and resource management tools through its many programs, including Valley Ventures, BlueTechValley. 

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