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Welcome to Your
Investor's Toolkit

A Free YouTube Module Series On How to Perfect Your Startup Investment Process

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Presented by John Selep,
Co-Founder and Board Chair at AgTech Innovation Alliance

Through the duration of the five modules, John will guide participants of all experience levels through a myriad of topics, including but not limited to: What is startup investing, identifying rich sources of deal flow, angels groups, financials/revenue projections, and more. 

The Startup Investor School (Investor's Toolkit) will help you better understand how the top angel investors create an outsized return through selecting high-quality startups and strategically building their startup equities portfolio.

The Five Modules Will Cover:  


Why Consider Startup Investing?

• What is Startup Investing?
• Why consider Startup Investing?
• Who can be a Startup Investor?
• Portfolio Theory of Startup Investing
• Financial Realities of Startup Investing
• Financial & Tax-Law Benefits for Startup Investors
• Non-Financial Benefits of Startup Investing


The Startup Investment Process

• Financial Life of a Startup
• Where Angels fit
• The Startup Investment Process
• A Numbers Game
• Sourcing Deals
• Structuring the Deal
• Equity & Note Deal Terms
• Platforms in the Funding Ecosystem


Identifying Startups for Investment

• Identifying Rich Sources of Deal Flow
• Angels Groups
• Invest as part of an Angel Group
• Angel Group Process
• Local Startup Ecosystems
• Screening Entrepreneur Pitches
• Problem & Value Proposition
• Business Model and Pricing
• Go-To-Market Strategy
• The Solution (Technology)
• The Team
• Financials & Revenue Projections
• Investment Readiness


Due Diligence to Protect your Investment

• Due Diligence Reduces Bad Investments
• Fraud Does Happen – Be Vigilant
• Un-Intended Omissions
• Due-Diligence Framework
• Team
• TAM – Market and Customers
• Traction – Product / Service
• Timing – Business Model / Financials
• Terms – The Investment Offer
• Discoveries During Due Diligence
• Moving to Complete the Transaction


How Startup Investing Works (An Example)

• Important Valuation Relationships
• Milestones and New Venture Financing
• Capitalization Tables
• Cap Table Math
• Multi-Stage Financing
• Acquisition / Liquidation Waterfall
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