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Our mission is simple; to connect and cultivate water, energy and ag-technology ventures and businesses to the Central Valley.


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The Water, Energy, and Technology (WET) Center is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that is respectful and affirming to the needs and identities of all entrepreneurs, staff, students, and community members. We recognize that people of color and women are disproportionately impacted by adverse environmental conditions ( Despite the unequal environmental challenges minoritized populations face, they are underrepresented in the industries of water, energy, and agricultural technology. Diversity statements without action plans and data collection are just words on paper. The WET Center pledges to consistently assess the demographics of our participants so that we can equitably connect to populations who are underserved.


  • Our WET Center companies strive to create diverse teams and are proud to have 20% of their c-suite filled by women and 47% filled by minority groups.

  • Their employee teams are also quite impressive, made up of 13% women and 21% minority groups. 

  • *$258M earned by 93 active ventures reported as of December 2022


We believe that investing in current and future water, energy and ag-tech entrepreneurs will empower local businesses and their extended communities. Our purpose, at its core, is to contribute to the Central Valley's growing economy in two key ways:  1. Offering training, coaching and networking opportunities to businesses and entrepreneurs and 2. Empowering businesses that are working to reach a more sustainable future in water, energy and ag-tech.


Since 2007, we have supported water, energy and agricultural technology entrepreneurs through programs and services developed by our experienced team, with the assistance of a diverse network of industry and academic professionals. The passion of our ventures, combined with a dedicated staff and a network of technical and business expertise, makes for exciting commercialization journeys – and successful ones. Your success is important to all of us. Our center includes office space for rent, informal and formal meeting space, and plug-and-play space. It can serve as a soft-landing spot for companies looking to establish a presence in California’s Central Valley through the BlueTechValley program.


The WET Center is closely aligned with Fresno State’s Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT), an internationally recognized independent testing facility. The WET Center is a part of the California Water Institute.

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