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WET Center Works

We want to empower students with experience by leveraging the region’s resources to support clean energy innovation and commercialization! Our primary focus is to develop and implement an experiential, hands-on-learning program that exposes undergraduate students to career opportunities in the ag-tech or climate/energy-focused industries. 

We will be working with startup companies who are a part of or entering the ag-tech, climate-tech or energy space. The WET Center Works program will provide learning opportunities to undergraduates through paid, project-based work experience that pairs students with startup companies. Our mission is simple: to support and cultivate high-growth water, clean energy and ag-technology ventures, foster business growth in California's Central Valley, and empower students to be part of the next generation of growth and change. 

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For Students

Getting real-world experience just got way easier. Interested in our program?


Please email your resume and the position you are interested in to


For Companies

Have the perfect task for a student to assist you with?

Reach out to us at to learn more OR fill out our inquiry form below. 



Please direct all questions to Thank you!


AGXactly Crop Insights

Marketing & Digital Media/Client Interviews:

AGXactly Crop Insights is looking for a student who can help with their social media marketing and assist them in gaining feedback from their current and potential customers about their products and services. ​​


Umida AG

Test Field Assistant

Umida AG is looking for a student who can help with the management of their fall/winter crops (2022-2023) which includes alfalfa. Alfalfa will be the 2022 crop, and cotton will be in 2023. ​​



Market Research and Expansion Assistant

ECO2MIX is looking for a student who can help in defining their target audience, and developing a market strategy. The position will also include reporting on the market size per crop in California and western states while defining important clients in those areas. Option to explore other markets, if interested. 


Redwood Energy

Decarbonization Product Guide Research

Research decarbonization technologies to add to Redwood Energy's ongoing Product Guide report. This research includes products like electric commercial kitchen equipment, heat pumps for residential and commercial applications, electric water heaters, electric generators, and other various electric products for all end uses in buildings. The work will include researching and recording product specifications and writing short reports summarizing the features and functions of the product. 


Redwood Energy

Heat Pump Water Heater Design Guide

Create a short document that focuses on technical visual information that educates the general public on how to choose the right sized heat pump water heater for a home. This will include working with your supervisors to synthesize available information on this topic, making visualizations out of existing images, or creating your own, to create a concise guide that will be published as a standalone document and/or as a webpage on Redwood Energy's website. If the extern completes this within the externship, there are other Design Guides that they can work on: how to install portable heat pumps, low-cost resilience, power-sharing opportunities, etc.


Redwood Energy

Project Database and Case Studies

Create Case Study documents of at least three projects (this can be extended to more projects if time allows during the externship). The Case Study documents will include a high-level summary, images of the project, heating, and cooling system details, and any other stand-out project features. In addition, create a presentation that has high-level information for each of Redwood Energy's recent projects for assisting in the development of project information on their website.


The Latino Equity Advocacy & Policy (LEAP) Institute

IntelliTrailers: Support research, design, development, and production of innovative technology products intended to decarbonize priority population communities and specific industries. Background and understanding of the agriculture community preferred. 


The Latino Equity Advocacy & Policy (LEAP) Institute

West Hills Community College Cohort 2 was established to educate & train participants in OSHA & solar installation. Participate in the class Monday, Wednesday and Fridays in the evenings 5pm to 9 pm in Huron to become certified in solar installation.



Installing Moleaer Nanobubble System

Student will assist with installing a Moleaer nanobubble system at an almond ranch in Kerman, California around April 15, 2023. The student's role will be to first learn about the Moleaer nanobubble system and understand how it impacts the quality of water, and then to monitor, track and assemble data on the grower's objectives, and be involved in salient stakeholder discussions about the outcomes of the project. It is anticipated that tools for data gathering and recording will include soil moisture sensors, dissolved oxygen sensors, pH and EC sensors, and taking samples of soil for laboratory analysis for organic matter, salts, water samples, and to track water and nutrient use and weighing product to calculate water and nutrient-use efficiency etc.

Hours a week negotiable

Hours a week negotiable

2-3 Month Project
Hours a week negotiable

6 Months Maximum Project
Hours a week/month negotiable

6 Months Maximum Project
Hours a week/month negotiable

6 Months Maximum Project
Hours a week/month negotiable

One Month Up To One Year
12-20 hours/week

11 weeks - Start date: January 16th-March 31, 2023.
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the evenings from 5 pm to 9pm.

April 15 to October 15, 2023
Hours and week/month negotiable.

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