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Destination Decarbonization

The Destination Decarbonization Challenge is a case study competition open to undergraduate students who want to get involved in the energy industry, solve challenges surrounding carbon emissions in their local region, and win some prize money along the way! Learn more about the challenge by watching the video below.


The competition is a part of an NREL grant awarded the WET Center as a part of the

American Made Challenge.


Applications are now CLOSED!

Accelerating decarbonization and reducing climate change is a large global issue. However, we think that the most impactful change begins at the local level with students who are, in our opinion, future leaders of climate change for many years to come.


Introducing the Destination Decarbonization Challenge, where students in groups of 2 to 4, can apply and submit their innovative ideas. We have outlined all the important steps below! Deadlines are firm. When you apply, those deadlines will be shared with you and your group. You can learn more by checking out the Challenge Background here. 

Finalists will be announced after March 28, 2023! Until then, sign up for our Pitch Day event below!

Join Us!

Destination Decarbonization Pitch Day!.EventbriteBanner.V2.png
Challenge Timeline. Destination Decarbonization.V2.png


$6,000- First Place

$4,000- Second Place

$2,500- Third Place

*Other prizes available for remaining projects, based on the quality of the submission. 

Resources For Students

Wondering where to start with decarbonization? Columbia University can help on

how we can make it happen.

 Visit The National Academies of Science Engineering and Medicine for their interactive resource that touches on the different aspects of decarbonization, and what the government is currently supporting.

The Department of Energy outlined a handy roadmap that can help with visualizing how we can reach "net zero" regarding carbon emissions.

This is a magazine put together by Stanford. They have collected a variety of different articles and resources related to decarbonization that they have put together into a magazine called "Race to Zero." 

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