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Investing in Tomorrow's Leaders


To support water, energy and ag-tech innovators and entrepreneurs on their path to commercialization through training, coaching and networking. 


The Water, Energy, and Technology (WET) Center is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that is respectful and affirming to the needs and identities of all entrepreneurs, staff, students, and community members. We recognize that people of color and women are disproportionately impacted by adverse environmental conditions ( Despite the unequal environmental challenges minoritized populations face, they are underrepresented in the industries of water, energy, and agricultural technology. Diversity statements without action plans and data collection are just words on paper. The WET Center pledges to consistently assess the demographics of our participants so that we can equitably connect to populations who are underserved.


  • Our WET Center companies strive to create diverse teams and are proud to have 20% of their c-suite filled by women and 47% filled by minority groups.

  • Their employee teams are also quite impressive, made up of 13% women and 21% minority groups. 

  • *$258M earned by 93 active ventures reported as of December 2022


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You have an idea that could change the world as we know it. You just need help in capitalizing your funding, assets and more. We can help! 

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We value the idea of growing ventures from concept to commercialization. We are here to assist you in every step of your entrepreneurial journey.



Our superior, 

in-house testing facilities help ventures in commercializing and scaling their prototype or product. 



It's time to make the jump in transforming your business or innovative idea. Click on the button below to contact us today!

Fists in Solidarity


We know connections are key to success. Our unique and diverse network of programs and partners can be found across the state of California and beyond.


Learn more by clicking the link below. 


Nicolas Pinkowski

Nicolas Pinkowski, 

CEO of Nitricity Inc.

Nitricity is focused on and will continue to work diligently on its mission to de-carbonize nitrogen fertilizer production for a better future. The WET Center is an amazing resource for startup companies in the Valley and provided Nitricity a speed boost! 

DaniloLeao Headshot

Danilo Leao, Founder and CEO of BovControl and BovCrypto

Partnering with the WET Center has grown our connections to the Fresno State ecosystem and is helping us achieve our vision for the Central Valley to be the place that solves the world's challenges.

Waldo Moraga

Waldo Moraga, CEO of ECO2MIX

The WET Center opened the door for us to the Central Valley farming community, and being a part of Valley Ventures was a great experience.  A wonderful network of experts that helped ECO2MIX in landing here in California.

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