The WET Center is an independent, lean   501(C)(3),  non-profit organization who connects AgTech firms with resources to accelerate growth. We strive to provide our members with meaningful and tangible benefits and as well as visibility. However, the real value we bring to our members is the impact on our community. By becoming a member, you are supporting entrepreneurs establishing their business in the Central Valley, leveraging regional resources to grow industry and new jobs, contributing to grow and retain local talent and promoting our region as a global hub for agricultural technology. There are many ways to benefit from membership at the WET Center. You get your logo featured on the WET website where your brand receives valuable marketing and exposure. Additional benefits include referrals to industry partners, press releases and strategic advice from experts in academic, public and private sectors. The WET Center will also feature your business in an upcoming e-newsletter, an effective way to introduce your business to thousands.